Tools & Deals FAQ

I already have ___, how can I change my account to your price?
Even if you already have an existing account for any of the deals that we have available in our membership area, once you purchase one of the deals, it will...
Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 at 3:50 PM
Do you have a deal for ____?
If you would like to submit a request for a specific deal or see what deals we are working on, please do so via this link:
Wed, 25 Mar, 2020 at 12:00 AM
Is ____ deal going to come back?
We cannot promise whether a deal will be opening back up or not. Please stay tuned to the facebook group, messenger bot, and email list for all future deal ...
Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 at 3:51 PM
How do I get notified of new deals?
Please ensure you are an active member of our facebook group, messenger bot list, and/or email list. This is where we communicate all of our deals. Yo...
Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 at 3:51 PM
Can I buy more than one deal?
You can absolutely buy more than one deal. In fact, it is encouraged. You will be billed separately for each deal, so if you want to wait and think about pu...
Thu, 31 Jan, 2019 at 3:53 PM
How do I know if (active campaign) is right for me?
We believe ActiveCampaign is a great product for all of our clients. Please check this report and see if this will fit your needs - https://www.emailtooltes...
Wed, 25 Mar, 2020 at 12:01 AM